Section 5: Film Reviews

Bqz0YdfIIAAbuQk.jpg-large-e1413825410386Short film review:  ‘Three Brothers’ – Aleem Khan

This touching short film written and directed by Aleem Khan is about a fifteen year old boy, Hamid, who cares for his two younger brothers while their dad is away in Pakistan. It depicts them surviving alone, looking after their chickens, and the three chicken eggs, all the while that they try to hide this fact from the school, and most likely the social services. This fact becomes abundantly clear when they turn to stealing for a meal. It is inspired by true events, and Khan says it is an ‘allegorical drama’, meaning it is a story in which the characters, or other happenings have a symbolic meaning.

It is beautifully shot, with various stills, close ups of the surroundings like a spider climbing up a curtain and a that shake slightly. This non static movement emphasises how it is from the brothers’ points of view, and it creates a sense of reality and vulnerability. Being an allegorical drama, there can be many different metaphorical interpretations to this film. To begin with there is the idea of the three eggs that Hamid takes care of. It could be argued that the eggs symbolised the brothers, and the fact that they had to be taken care of and protected in the incubator heightens the sense of fragility and vulnerability that the boys are in due to being without their parents.

I feel that this short film gives insight to the lives of other people and the struggles that we might never have to face. This harsh representation of the brothers reality, reflected through the death of two eggs and one chicken, show the at times blunt nature of death and its effect on people.

Please post a review of a feature film production of your choice (British or World cinema). Make sure to comment on the narrative structure, as well as sound, camera, lighting and editing choices.o-FORREST-GUMP-facebook.jpg

Feature film review – ‘Forrest Gump’

Forrest Gump is an amazingly original film that tells the story of a slightly mentally challenged boy called Forrest and the amazing events that have occured in his life, from his adorable, and slightly frustrating relationship with a troubled girl called Jenny, all the way to saving people at war, and showing the president his wound on live television – which happened to be on his buttocks.

The way in which Forrest’s story is told is really what makes the film. It begins with a beautiful shot of a feather, floating around the world, taken up into the current of the wind before landing in Tom Hanks’ briefcase. This could reflect the way in which Gump life has led up to that very moment, by following whatever opportunity comes through, from getting into college through football, going to the war, and even becoming a world renowned ping pong star. In addition, this also emphasises how his whole life has led up to that moment.

It is then that the audience is taken on a journey as older Forrest Gump recounts his story to the other people waiting for a bus. It is very cleverly shot so when we do cut back to Older Forrest, the people have comically changed, or there is even one woman who doesn’t get on her bus to hear the rest of his story. The whole film is almost like a flash-back, you could say, to Forrest’s own life, and it is only at the end that we realise why he is waiting for a bus.

Forrest’s tale is at times hilarious and heart warming, and at other times it is absolutely devastating and heart breaking. The beautiful use of well suited music, almost tells the story in itself, and the beautiful images and ideas really show what a great story it truly is. The audience see this young boy grow into a man, and we see a vulnerable, loving side to him, as well as a stronger and determined side. We all fall in love with this witty comedy, and the amazing story. It is a very wonderful movie, that I would recommend to anyone —  and everyone I meet.

2 thoughts on “Section 5: Film Reviews

  1. Great work on the short review, Lea – you’ve successfully completed 5.1! Please remember to upload the rest of your portfolio by the end of today!


  2. Thank you for uploading your feature review Lea! You’ve got some really nice thoughts on the film, and although it would be great to see a bit more cinematic detail (and a non-American film!) you’ve successfully completed 5.2


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